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Musk wants tunnel network to shoot Tesla parts underground

by Ronan Glon

Tesla\'s CEO envisions a system of underground conveyor belts to streamline the production process.

Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk recently pitched his tunnel project to Los Angeles officials. It's a way to end what he describes as soul-crushing traffic. Tunnels could also make it easier for Tesla to transport people, parts, and cars from one facility to another.

"We are looking at building tunnels, using The Boring Company's thing, because we have, for example, our seats production is at a separate building on Page. And we have a bunch of trucks moving seats back and forth between both the primary Fremont production and the seat factory," Musk said during a recent conference call.

He added there is a limit to the number of trucks Tesla can dock at the seat factory. Building a tunnel that houses a conveyor belt-like system would significantly streamline the production process. It would also reduce emissions and traffic congestion by removing trucks from one of America's busiest road network.

The factory that builds Tesla's seats is located on 901 Page Avenue in Fremont, California. The company's main factory (which started life in 1962 as a General Motors plant) lies 3.4 miles north, a straight shot up interstate 880. Google Maps estimates driving from Page to Fremont takes six minutes; it's unclear how traveling by tunnel would take.

Musk hasn't revealed when his team will decide whether to move forward with the project, so it's far too early to speculate on its completion date. The company needs, at the very least, to obtain permission from Fremont city officials before it begins shooting leather-upholstered seats through Silicon Valley's intestines.