A quarter of US Fortwo buyers already opt for the Electric Drive (ED) variant.

Smart has vowed to be the first global manufacturer to offer its entire lineup with either an electric drive system or traditional combustion engine.

The company's Electric Drive (ED) technology is already available for the Fortwo coupe and Fortwo convertible, so only the ForFour four-seater must be adapted to achieve a fully electrified lineup.

It is unclear if Smart will carry over the current ForTwo ED drive system, which integrates a 55-kilowatt motor with a 16.7-kWh battery pack with 68 miles of EPA-estimated range. The announcement references a "new generation" electric drive, leaving open the possibility of longer range or more power.

The electrified Smart family will be showcased later this year at the Paris Motor Show.

The new ForTwo ED will arrive before the end of the year, initially launching in the US market. Smart claims its EVs are popular in the US, accounting for 25 percent of overall sales.