The Note e-Power is a best-seller in Japan already.

Nissan might be coming after Toyota's dominant position in the hybrid field. It has already launched a salvo in Japan to much success and is looking to doing the same in other markets.

Currently, the Prius is the darling of the compact hybrid world. Last November in its home market, Nissan debuted the Note e-Power, a compact hybrid based on the 5-door hatchback we know in the US as the Versa Note. According to Automotive News, the Note e-Power has quickly catapulted a top sales spot in Japan, even beating the Prius.

The Note e-Power system runs on a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that operates as charging generator for the lithium-ion batteries which actually power the car. Instead of running through a wide rpm range, the revs are kept at the motor's most efficient rate, resulting in 77 mpg according to the Japanese testing cycle. In comparison, a standard Prius gets 87 mpg on the Japanese testing cycle.

While Nissan did not confirm that the Note e-Power would be coming to the US, the company did acknowledge an accelerated push towards hybrid and EV technology.