The next Civic Si won't land until late next year at the earliest.

Honda is developing a Si-badged version of the tenth-generation Civic, and a new report sheds insight into what we can expect from it when it lands.

The next Civic Si will be powered by a de-tuned version of the 2.0-liter turbo four found under the hood of the current-generation Type R. The Si's four-banger will make approximately 230 horsepower -- 25 more than today's model but roughly 70 less than the Type R -- and it will be bolted to a six-speed manual transmission that will spin the front wheels.

A report published on enthusiast forum CivicX claims Honda will sell the tenth-gen Civic as a coupe, as a sedan (pictured), and as a hatchback in every market, but whether all three body styles will get a Si-branded model hasn't been confirmed yet. Honda has time to make up its mind because the new Civic hatchback hasn't been introduced yet, and the Si isn't expected to land until late next year at the earliest.

What's next?

Enthusiasts who want more than 230 horsepower will need to wait until the next generation of the Type R is introduced during the first half of 2017. Technical details for the range-topping model in the Civic lineup haven't been announced yet, but recent rumors claim that Honda is developing it with the United States market in mind.

Photos by Drew Johnson.