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Introduced last year, the Tesla Model X is the only premium electric crossover on the market today. It offers zero-emissions driving, insane acceleration, and some of the most advanced tech features in the industry in a package that's more family-friendly than the Model S.


Previewed by a concept in 2012, the Model X's front end falls in line with Tesla's newest design language. Its tall, arched roof line helps it achieve a low drag coefficient of 0.24, a figure that makes it one of the most aerodynamic crossovers on the market today.

The second and third rows of seats are accessed via futuristic falcon doors that slide up and pivot completely out of the way. The system gives passengers unobstructed access to the second and third rows, but it prevents motorist from fitting the X with a roof rack. The trade-off is that the X has two trunks, and it can tow up to 5,000 pounds when it's properly configured.

Life Aboard

Model S drivers will feel right at home in the X. The dashboard is dominated by a massive 17-inch touch screen, and traditional analog instrument cluster has been replaced by a high-resolution digital unit that can be configured by the driver to display a wide variety of information about the car and its surroundings.

The X is available with a medical-grade air filter that Tesla claims is ten times larger than the ones found in the average crossover. The company explains that the cabin is consequently as clean as an operating room in a hospital. If that's not enough, there's a "bioweapon defense mode" that captures particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, in addition to bacteria, viruses, pollen, and mold spores.

Electrifying Performance

The Model X lineup is divided into four models called 75D, 90D, 100D, and P100D, respectively. Every variant comes with all-wheel drive.

The 75-kWh model has a 237-mile range and a zero-to-60 time of six seconds, an impressive figure for a crossover.

The 90-kWh P90D model takes just 4.8 seconds to hit 60 mph, and it reaches a top speed of 155 mph. Driving range increases to 257 miles.

The 100D boasts a 100-kWh battery pack, which is the biggest unit Tesla current makes. Maximum driving range checks in at 295 miles, but it posts the same zero-to-60 time as the 90D model.

Finally, the top-of-the-line P100D hits 60 mph from a stop in a supercar-like 2.9 seconds when Ludicrous Mode is engaged. Range goes up to 289 miles.

Supercharger Network

Tesla is building a nationwide network of "Supercharger" fast charging stations that can replenish about 170 miles of range in as little as 30 minutes, thereby enabling worry-free long-distance travel -- provided your route includes supercharger stations along the way. There are numerous stations along the east and west coasts, in Texas, and in key Midwest regions, but Tesla is constantly adding new units across the country.

The charge for a Supercharger "fill-up"? Absolutely nothing.

Standard and Optional Features

The list of standard features includes navigation, a 17-inch touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, a 240-watt sound system, a GPS-enabled Homelink transceiver, parking sensors on both ends, a blind spot monitoring system, full LED headlights, power-folding and heated door mirrors, a panoramic windshield, keyless entry, an automatic tailgate, wood trim, and 20-inch alloys.

The Model X offers space for five passengers in its standard configuration, but buyers can pay extra to get six or seven seats. Other options an air suspension (which is standard on some models), a better sound system, a hitch, a towing package, a tire inflation kit (the X doesn't have a spare), and a faster 72-amp on-board charger.

One of the most popular options is Tesla's Autopilot technology. As its name implies, Autopilot allows the S to drive itself in stop-and-go traffic and at freeway speeds. A feature called Summon allows the X to park itself, and to automatically open and close the garage door. Autopilot-equipped Tesla cars also brake automatically if they detect a collision with another object (such as a car or a pedestrian) or unavoidable.

Customers can also choose from several option packages. The cold weather package bundles heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and wiper blade defrosters. The premium package adds doors that open automatically as the driver approaches, the aforementioned HEPA air filtration system, ventilated front seats, leather arm rests, an Alcantara headliner, LED ambient lighting, and LED fog lights.

Occupant Safety

One of the safest cars on the market, the Model X comes standard with head and knee airbags in the front, two side curtain airbags, four seat-mounted side airbags, and two door-mounted airbags. It also ships with traction control, electronic stability control, automatic emergency braking, and a lane departure warning system.

Key Competitors

The Model X is your only option if you're looking for an electric crossover. However, it's not cheap, and buyers who are willing to consider gasoline-burning models can compare the X to other fast, well-appointed people-movers like the Porsche Cayenne, the Maserati Levante, and the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class.

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