In a letter to employees, Musk says Tesla must work "faster, smarter and harder" to prevail against established automakers.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly issued a revised orientation program and handbook to prepare employees for the next step in the company's ambitious plan to directly compete with established automakers.In a letter to staff, the executive reaffirmed some of the company's core principles that were initially described in an email four years ago, ahead of a significant expansion from 4,500 to 33,000 workers, according to excerpts posted by Electrek.

"Tesla has to be hardcore and demanding, not for the hell of it, but because we are fighting for a good cause against giant, entrenched competitors who just want the status quo to continue," he wrote. "The list of companies that want to kill Tesla is so long, I've lost track - a week doesn't go by without some 'Tesla Killer' article."

The automaker believes it must work "faster, smarter and harder" to prevail against much larger rivals.

The expansion has been met with criticism from some employees who recently claimed the Fremont factory is unsafe. Tesla's incident rate was higher than the industry average from 2014-2016, but the company says it has since implemented significant changes to reduce accidents as it works to create the safest factory in the world.

The Model 3 launch will be particularly important and challenging, requiring an on-time launch and quick production ramp-up to fulfill hundreds of thousands of pre-orders. The company is essentially aiming to achieve a ten-fold increase in output in little more than a year.