This Jeep hot rod is for sale in Los Angeles.

There's a red 1997 Jeep Wrangler for sale on Craigslist in Los Angeles. That's nothing unusual or noteworthy, but this one has received a surprising heart transplant.

The space formerly inhabited by the factory-fitted Jeep engine is now occupied by a 2JZ straight-six designed for the Toyota Supra. Turbocharged, the six-cylinder sends 350 horsepower to the rear wheels via the Wrangler's original five-speed manual transmission.

The modifications aren't all mechanical. Visually, there's what the seller calls an "angry grille," LED headlights, fender flares, off-road bumpers, and a custom hood. In this case, custom means there's a big hole in the panel to accommodate a turbo that's bigger than the headlights.

Inside, you'll spot a new analog gauge cluster, a quick-release steering wheel, and four sport seats from an Acura RSX Type S. It's JDM meets the wild, wild west.

The Wrangler-Supra (Wranglupra?) runs and drives great, but there's room for improvement. The seller notes the TJ can be converted to all-wheel drive by adding a few bits and pieces. There is no A/C, the heater lines need to be installed, and the gas gauge needs to be wired up. Finally, if you're feeling brave you can install an aftermarket ECU to squeeze a few extra horses out of the six-cylinder.

Interested? That'll be $20,000, please.

Photos courtesy of the Craigslist ad.