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Jaguar will build 25 D-Types to original spec

by Ben Hsu

The cars finish off a production run of 100 that began in 1955.

Jaguar has announced plans to build a limited run of D-Type race cars for 25 lucky — and presumably wealthy — collectors.

Originally developed from 1954-57, the Jaguar D-Type is considered a pioneer in racing cars. It was among the first to employ principles from aeronautics in a monocoque body construction. The cars subsequently won Le Mans from 1955-57, becoming a legend in the process.

Jaguar originally planned to make 100 D-Types, but production was cut short after only 75 were built. Now, Jaguar Land Rover Classics, officially set up by JLR to conduct heritage activities, will complete the run.

"Each one will be absolutely correct, down to the very last detail, just as Jaguar's Competitions Department intended," said Jaguar Classic's Engineering Manager Kev Riches. Buyers will have the option of 1955-spec "short-nose" or 1956-spec "long-nose" body work. One prototype has already been built, in long-nose form.

Jaguar's official classic works has built two other cars previously. In 2015, it built six lightweight E-Types and in 2016 it built nine XKSS models to complete a run destroyed by the Browns Lane plant fire in 1957. The XKSS was a road-going version of the original D-Types, produced using leftover bodies after Jaguar put its race team on hiatus in 1956.

Pricing has not been announced, but the 1955 D-Types Le Mans winner sold in 2016 for $21.78 million.