2017 will be the compact hybrid's last year with no direct replacement on the horizon.

Lexus is ending production of the CT200h for the US market. 2017 will be the luxury hybrid's final year of sales here.

According to Car and Driver, Lexus sold just 8,093 in 2016 while other entry-level luxury hatchbacks like the Mercedes CLA and Audi A3 saw 25,792 and 31,538 units in sales, respectively.

The CT200h had shared a hybrid-electric powertrain with the previous-generation Prius, but the new model's 52 combined mpg was showing the CT200h and its 42 combined mpg's age. Additionally, a recent plunge in fuel prices and a general shift towards crossovers contributed to the CT200h's sales decline.

The CT200h was introduced in 2011 and saw a minor design update in 2013 but was otherwise largely unchanged throughout its lifespan. Though a luxury compact hatchback didn't exactly fit with Lexus's upscale image, it was a decent value in its own right. In Australia, it was even the star of a one-make race, a Celebrity Challenge supporting the Australian Formula One weekend, and billed as "world's first race containing only petrol-electric vehicles."

The CT-class will have no replacement for the time being, though it will still be sold in other countries. A sub-NX compact crossover is reportedly in development.