Honda wants to dethrone the Seat Leon Cupra record set earlier this month.

Honda is on a mission to break the Nurburgring's front-wheel-drive record with the upcoming European-spec Civic Type R.

Set to be released in 2015, the performance Civic hatchback unveiled in concept form at the Geneva Motor Show will feature a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four generating 280 hp and a rumored 295 lb-ft of torque. These are unofficial figures to be sure, with compliance against the strict Euro6 emissions standards to determine the final numbers.

According to Motoring.com.au, the Type R will feature a new suspension set up with front MacPherson struts and an "interchangeable" rear configuration that can just as easily house a hybrid-electric drivetrain. The same report says that an all-wheel steering system like the one found on the Acura RLX will also make its way into the Type R.

The front-wheel-drive record around the Green Hell has already been broken once this year. Earlier this month the 280hp Seat Leon Cupra clocked a 7:58.44, unseating the 265hp Renault Megane Trophy that had held the front-drive record since 2011.

A highly modified version of the Civic Type R motor will also power the Civic Tourer as Honda seeks to defend its British Touring Car Championship title this year. The Civic is also the title-holder in mainland Europe's World Touring Car Championships, proving that Honda is making quite the push to sear its performance credentials into the minds of enthusiasts on the old continent. Sadly, petitioners from the US will likely never see this version stateside.

Photo by Ronan Glon.