A new advert shows a brief glimpse of a production-concept hybrid.

Honda may have slyly revealed some more details of the upcoming Civic Type R in a new advertisement.

In the new "Keep Up" spot, a message of pushing limits quickly flashes across the screen, interspersed with brief glimpses of Honda products. Everything from the ASIMO robot to the HR-V to the HondaJet to the new NSX is shown.

At the 0:30 second mark of the video a Honda Civic Type R briefly slides across the screen completely undisguised. Bound for the Geneva Motor Show later this month, Honda thus far has only officially teased what the hot hatch will look like.

Upon closer inspection, the black Type R in the spot appears to be an amalgam of concept and production cars. On the one hand, it wears a "Type R Concept" license plate and blade-style LED fog lights seen on the Type R Concept II displayed in Paris, whereas the Honda's teaser images show a round fog light. On the other hand, we get to see LED headlights that could be production spec.

Honda has confirmed that the Civic Type R will produce 280 to 300 hp from a direct-injection 2.0L turbocharged VTEC motor. We will find out more when the production version is revealed in Geneva March 3rd.

Incidentally, the ad is based on a theory that humans can read much faster when words are presented in sequence one at a time in the same position, rather than when scanning the page.