Better late than never.

It's taken a decade, but new car sales have finally returns to pre-crash levels in the European Union.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association announced that May 2017 sales increased 7.6 percent in the EU to 1,386,818 units. Those numbers are about on par with figures from May 2007, just before the global recession took hold.

The results were mostly good for the EU's largest five markets, with Germany (+12.9 percent), Spain (+11.2 percent), France (+8.9 percent) and Italy (+8.2 percent) all posting improved sales for the month. The UK, however, saw its sales dip by 8.5 percent in May.

So far this year 6,719,209 vehicles have been delivered in the EU, representing an increase of 5.3 percent compared to 2016. Italy has seen the biggest improvement this year (+8.1 percent), followed by Spain (+7.3 percent), Germany (+4.7 percent) and France (+3.3 percent). Deliveries through the first five month of the year have fallen by 0.6 percent in the UK.

EU deliveries are expected to continue their rally for the remainder of 2017.