The first glimpse of the production car suggests GM has kept brand-specific modifications to a minimum.

General Motors has provided the first glimpse of the Buick Velite, a Chevrolet Volt-based hybrid that will be exclusive to China.

The company brought a wild Velite concept to the Guangzhou auto show in November, suggesting engineers might have been working on a unique vehicle built upon the Volt's chassis.

The latest photo, however, appears to indicate that GM has simply placed a Buick badge on the Volt, though the lower bumper appears to have a bit more painted surface to distinguish it from the Chevy. It is unclear if the front end will feature a higher level of customization.

The Velite's drivetrain appears to match the Volt, pairing a 1.5-liter engine and an electric motor. Its range spec is a bit higher, likely due to the more generous China test cycle, with an estimated 62 miles running on battery power alone.

A simple rebadge might not come as much of a surprise, as Buick continues to have a particularly strong brand presence among Chinese buyers. In 2016, Buick accounted for nearly 1.2 million sales in the country while Chevy rose to just 525,000 units.