The Velite 5 will be Buick's first extended range electric vehicle.

Last year, Buick announced plans to introduce the brand's first-ever extended range electric vehicle (EREV). Called the Velite 5, the EREV has now officially launched in China, and we have live photos of it from the floor in Shanghai.

Buick is holding back full details on the Velite 5 until closer to the vehicle's market launch, but vehicle will essentially be a re-badged version of the Chevrolet Volt sold here. A lone teaser images shows the Velite 5 will borrow most of the Volt's styling.

Like the Volt, the Velite 5 use a 1.5L direct-injection gas motor and permanent-magnet electric motor drive unit. A lithium battery backs up the entire system. Power is sent to the front wheels via an EVT electronic controlled intelligent variable transmission.

Buick says the Velite 5 will boast an all-electric driving range of about 62 miles. When operating with the gas engine the Velite 5 will be capable of covering 466 miles.

The Velite 5 will set the stage for plug-in hybrid and pure electric Buick vehicles planned for the Chinese market in the coming years.

Live photos by Ronan Glon.