Luckily, autonomous cars will likely be programmed to follow lane etiquette without intervention from other drivers.

Lexus has jumped the gun for April Fools, announcing a new 'Lane Valet' technology that promises to clear the fast lane.Using vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications and semi-autonomous lane changing, the imaginary system aims to improve traffic flow by allowing a driver to shoo other cars out of the fast lane at the press of a button.

"The Lexus vehicle's radar and camera systems will scan the road to ensure safe operation while the V2V technology communicates with the misplaced driver's vehicle," the company says. "Once connected, Lane Valet will initiate a careful but prompt lane change."

The humorous announcement does highlight an issue that frustrates many drivers on today's roads. Luckily, actual autonomous cars could improve traffic flow by following passing-lane laws that are frequently ignored and rarely enforced.

Lexus plans to air its Lane Valet commercial on April 1.