First drive: 2019 Toyota Avalon [Video review]

LIVE: Volkswagen unveils electric Pikes Peak racer

Infiniti developing new electrified platform from Q Inspiration

Vehicles built upon the electrified platform will enter production within five years. 1 comment 2h ago

Production Kia Telluride to retain bold styling from concept?

The unique shape previews a shift in Kia's design language for high-riding models. 11 comments 4h ago

Volvo reveals S90 Ambience Concept 'sensory experience'

Passengers in the three-seat executive sedan can orchestrate interior visual themes, audio and scent via a smartphone app. 8 comments 5h ago

Ford passes on GM's nine-speed auto

Ford will instead use a modified version of the transmission with one fewer gear. 60 comments 6h ago

McLaren to reveal limited-edition 570GT in Beijing

The company has collaborated with a Chinese designer, creating a unique 570GT that employs traditional Chinese craftsmanship. 0 comments 7h ago

Tesla Model S extends segment lead; Model X lags

The Model S accounts for more than a third of large luxury car sales in the US, followed by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a 23-percent share. 31 comments 9h ago

Hyundai Santa Cruz taking the slow lane to production

The pickup might not arrive until 2020. 41 comments 13h ago

Nissan Qashqai claims title of "World's Fastest SUV"

The compact crossover hit 237 mph thanks to a tuned GT-R engine. 8 comments 1d ago

Honda unveils Small RS hot hatch

The sporty compact concept was shown at the Indonesia International Motor Show. 17 comments 1d ago

German VW restorer builds custom mid-engine Beetle roadster

The Memminger Roadster 2.7 is a Bug in looks only. 16 comments 2d ago

Margot Robbie headlines Nissan Formula E launch

Nissan has enlisted the help of the Oscar-nominated actor and Leaf driver. 13 comments 2d ago

Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept leaked

The sedan-SUV cross will make its debut in Beijing. 75 comments 2d ago

Audi considering subscription service

We could hear an official announcement in the coming months. 9 comments 2d ago

Boring Co test tunnel gets approval from LA public works

The first 2.7-mile "proof of concept" tunnel will be exempt from environmental review. 22 comments 3d ago

Teardown engineer praises Tesla Model 3 electronics, suspension

"Anybody that's in the car industry that ignores this car is doing it at their own peril," says design consultant Sandy Munro. 47 comments 3d ago

German police arrest Porsche powertrain development head

Prosecutors are also said to be investigating an executive, upper management member and former employee. 14 comments 3d ago