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2020 Toyota Supra spied camo-free

Years in the making, the Supra is ready for its debut.

46 comments | 11h ago

Uber manager warned top brass of safety problems days before fatal accident

The project's head was warned of 'poor behavior' among drivers and accidents 'nearly every other day.'

1 comments | 42m ago

Audi to show new entertainment tech, in-car 'movie theater' at CES

The German automaker expects increased attention on entertainment as vehicles become more automated.

10 comments | 2h ago

Spied: BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

BMW's revived 8 Series will sprout two extra doors.

4 comments | 4h ago

Former Ford Argentina execs convicted in 1970s torture case

The executives were accused of involvement in the kidnapping of two dozen workers when the company was ruled by a military dictatorship.

5 comments | 5h ago

Aston Martin Valkyrie's V12 delivers 1,000 horsepower, hits 11,100 rpm

Performance figures will be further boosted by a hybrid system.

16 comments | 6h ago

Detroit-bound 2020 Volkswagen Passat takes shape

It's not an all-new model, but it's comprehensively updated.

50 comments | 10h ago

Mercedes-Benz highlights EQC crash tests

The company has studied battery behavior under impact, when penetrated by foreign bodies and if overheated or overloaded.

6 comments | 22h ago

Hyundai bets $6.7B on hydrogen as rivals focus on EVs

The Korean automaker has a bold vision for a "hydrogen society."

49 comments | 1d ago

Elon Musk blasts 60 Minutes for 'misleading edit'

"This was accurate as viewed from an Upper East Side Manhattan dinner party," he says.

22 comments | 1d ago

Daimler secures $23B in battery cells for EV expansion through 2030

The company says it will have 130 electrified variants for Mercedes-Benz by 2022.

12 comments | 1d ago

Tesla aims to reveal pickup prototype in 2019

"I'm dying to make a pickup truck so bad," says Elon Musk.

24 comments | 1d ago

Ford, VW to announce partnership next month?

A Ford-VW tie-up could be right around the corner.

153 comments | 1d ago

Ford releases Ranger fuel economy figures

Using a four-cylinder engine pays off.

100 comments | 1d ago

Porsche details 2019 Macan, Macan S

The Macan S gets an upgraded engine.

13 comments | 1d ago

Tesla readying Autopilot for traffic lights, stop signs, roundabouts

Elon Musk says the cars will soon be able to go from an owners garage to their workplace with no driver input.

20 comments | 1d ago

Report: Volkswagen readying three-row 'ID Lounge' electric SUV

The range-topping model is said to be similar in size to the new Touareg.

15 comments | 1d ago

Elon Musk disses SEC, shrugs off losing chairman role

"I can just call for a shareholder vote and get anything done that I want," he told 60 Minutes.

7 comments | 2d ago

Lotus working on 1,000-horsepower EV?

The all-electric hypercar is expected to sell for $2.5 million.

6 comments | 2d ago

Elon Musk hints at buying closed GM factories

Such a move would be symbolic yet unlikely due to the UAW's foothold in the region.

50 comments | 2d ago

Japanese prosecutors indict Carlos Ghosn, Nissan for underreporting compensation

The executive had been arrested last month but not formally charged until now.

3 comments | 2d ago