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Basic Specs
Base Price
Front Wheel Drive
Curb Weight (lbs)
City (MPG)
Hwy (MPG)
Torque (lb-ft)
Length (in.)
Width (in.)
Height (in.)

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    Step 1 - Trim


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      • Composition Color touchscreen sound system
      • Heated front seats
      • Rear View Camera System

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      S w/ Style and Comfort

      • Composition Media 6.3" touchscreen sound system
      • Automatic headlights
      • 17" Philadelphia alloy wheels

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      • Climatronic dual-zone automatic climate control
      • Keyless access with push-button start
      • Blind Spot Monitor

    Total Price:
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    Step 2 - Options



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      Automatic Transmission

      • 6-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic and Sport mode




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      CARGOTECH Blocks

      • Help increase the practicality of your MuddyBuddy Trunk Liner with the addition of CargoTech Blocks. Designed to help secure your cargo—such as groceries, cartons, sporting equipment, and luggage—these blocks couple a durable plastic fence with a non-slip underside to help ensure your cargo remains stable.

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      MuddyBuddy Trunk Liner

      • Custom molded for your Volkswagen model and designed with a raised edge to help contain spills, this liner features a textured skid-resistant finish to help keep items from shifting, along with a durable easy-to-clean surface.

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      Door Sill Protection Plate

      • Elegant protection for your vehicle: The high quality brushed aluminum insert features laser engraved "Beetle" lettering. This stick-on trim not only helps protect your door sill rails with style but also customize the appearance of your vehicle. Set of two.

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      • Customized to fit your vehicle, these mats help provide coverage and protection. Made from durable, plush, 24-ounce carpet weight for improved appearance and durability. Nylon fibers provide color-fade resistance and cleanability. Positive retention clips and anti-slip backing help ensure they stay in place. Features Beetle logo. Set of four.

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      Monster Mats

      • Customized to fit your vehicle, these high-quality, all-season mats help provide carpet protection and can be hosed off easily. Positive retention clips and ribbed backing help keep the mats in place. Black. Set of four.

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      Pedal Caps

      • Add just the right touch of sportiness to your Volkswagen with this brushed-metal pedal cap set. Features "dots" motif rubber inserts for traction. Includes accelerator and brake pedal caps. Also available for manual transmissions.

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      Wind Deflector

      • Elegant and classically styled, this precision-fit unit is designed to minimize annoying air turbulence and helps keep heated air in when the top is down and windows are up. Made of black vinyl and mesh screening.

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      Custom Car Covers

      • Tough on the elements, yet gentle on your vehicle’s paint. The custom-fit microfiber material is untreated, uncoated, and unprocessed—yet virtually impervious to rain, snow, ice, and extreme sunlight. It is inherently water resistant, breathable, and immune to the sun’s fading effects. Also suitable for indoor use.

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      Nickname Badges

      • Add your personal signature to your Beetle with a raised-chrome decklid nickname inscription. Available in multiple Beetle nicknames.

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      License Plate Frame

      • This license plate frame is made from stainless steel and is engineered to look beautiful and to last. UV-resistant domed nameplate is designed to help keep the logo clean and crisp.

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      Paint Protection Film

      • Regardless of the high quality of the paint and its application, your VW is vulnerable to scuffs and scratches. Help protect your vehicle by using VW Paint Protection Film.

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      Splash Guards

      • Designed for a flush, contour fit, these splash guards help protect your vehicle against road debris. Made from a temperature-resistant material tested under extreme driving conditions. Includes both front and rear splash guards.

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      16" Corvara Winter Wheels

      • The Corvara winter alloy wheel combines an attractive five-spoke design that looks great and is easy to clean. Center cap included.

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      Alarm Kit

      • Help keep your Volkswagen protected with this alarm kit that sounds the alarm horn and lets you know when your hood door or trunk is breached.

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      Flower Vase

      • The visual highlight for the interior of your Beetle. In the style of the original flower vase from the VW Beetle this unique accessory provides your interior with additional flair and a sense of added comfort.

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      20" Monterey Wheels

      • The 20-inch Monterey Alloy Wheel in anthracite emphasizes the dynamic appearance of your vehicle with it's 10-spoke design that gives your car a modern and sporty look.

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      Digital Media Adapter Cables

      • What's worse than a low phone battery? Discovering that you left your charger somewhere. Our spiral-shaped MIB cable integrates with the Comfort mobile phone armrest connection. Pull the cord and connect to recharge and then tuck it away when your battery is back to 100%.

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      Car Cover: Beetle inspired Satin Stretch Gold Color

      • Protect your Beetle Sedan with this special edition Car Cover that will not only shield your vehicle against dust and debris but will show off the contours of your Beetle with its close fit. This enhanced car cover is crafted out of fleece-lined Lycra that snuggly contours to your vehicle to provide full and long-lasting coverage. Designed to mirror the uniqueness of the Beetle, this car cover features black side panels, a gold center stripe, and gold stitching. Indoor protection only.

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      Ski Sac

      • You don’t have to be a mogul to hit the slopes in style. The Volkswagen Ski Sac can accommodate up to four pairs of skis and poles. It’s ideal for transport through the trunk compartment opening where a back-seat buckle helps keep things secured until you are ready to head downhill.

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